We can help you with all your data extraction needs.

Remake offers end-to-end solutions to your data extraction needs. We will take care of everything for you, including defining the scope of your data extraction project together with you, managing the project, creating web scraping robots, testing, integration to other systems and ongoing maintenance of your set-up.






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Just looking for a specific set of Data? Contact us and we will get it for you

Want to monitor competitors products or prices?

We can help you set up robots to monitor your competitors. Wether it be pricing, news, product availability or something completely different.

Need access to realtime information only found on a website?

Robots can be scheduled to extract information almost realtime. This mean we are able to “monitor” information continuously.

Need an API for a site?

Sometimes websites do not provide an API. We can create a custom API using our robot software. A custom API also has no restrictions as other APIs sometime do.

New product idea?

A lot of new products are mashups of other products information. We can help you with consulting and data extraction for your brand new product.

Robotic Process Automation

Looking up information from several internal systems can be combined in one robot. Let us help you save time and Money automating repetitive tasks and processes.


Not sure where to start with webscraping and data extraction? We can help you with the entire process. Contact us for a talk!

15 years experience

Remake was started by Jakob Melson, one of the co-founders of www.dexi.io – the leading and most advanced web scraping platform.